"Pachamama Cusco"
24 oct. 2019
Pachamama is an ancestral tradition that is celebrated throughout the Northwest of the country every August 1, although in reality the celebrations and tributes to the “Mother Earth”. Pachamama is the generator of life, a symbol of fertility due to its ability to produce, bless and generate plants, animals, food and other means of subsistence of the human being. It is worshiped by the descendants of the native peoples that inhabit territories long before the current borders existed. In fact, the origins of this cult date back to the pre-Inca era, that is, before the region was annexed to the Tawantinsuyu or Inca Empire. This goddess in addition to being the representation of the Earth and nature in general, is considered to be a set of both, her followers consider her as a god who is in the day to day, with which she can speak directly, Unlike the god of Christians, this is not a deity that creates, but rather protects creation. Depending on the clan where tribute is paid, this may be different, not to mention the changes that may have suffered over the centuries, in ancient times a distinctive feature of these rituals were celebrated with the sacrifice of an animal in honor of The goddess, however today this has varied greatly, since today the offerings made are usually objects that are buried, such as bottles of wine, cigarettes, the leaves of the coca plant and others, since according to Believers, these rituals allow Mother Earth to give back these acts with a favorable climate for plantations and good harvests.
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